Reinforced Earth Retaining Walls and Bridge Abutments

The Reinforced Earth system combines granular backfill with soil reinforcement to form durable and robust retaining structures capable of supporting substantial loads.

The modular facing system uses a range of concrete or steel mesh panels to suit the project's requirements. Both steel and synthetic soil reinforcement are available allowing the use of a wide range of fills including sustainable recycled materials.

Facing panels can be provided in a range of architectural finishes. The system is straightforward to construct requiring no specialist plant or labour.


Construction operations are performed from the backfill side of the structure. The simplicity and speed of erection offers significant cost and programme savings over other techniques. Pre-fabricated components are delivered to construction sites in accordance with clients requirements removing the need for on-site manufacture.

Reinforced Earth systems can be used to construct retaining walls and bridge abutments for highway and railway applications. They can also be used for industrial structures, mining structures and marine structures. Structures can be dismantled and materials can be re-used, thereby providing a truly sustainable solution.