Noise Barriers

Our noise panels can be manufactured across a range of sizes to suit and with aesthetic finishes. The absorbance can go to A5 and Insulation to B4. With over 600,000sqm installed across 150 projects, Reinforced Earth also have one of the largest and only UK precast panel installation on road and rail for the Channel Tunnel rail on the A20/M20.
Acoustic Panels

Building on its precasting expertise for transport infrastructure, Terre Armée has developed an offer for customized sound absorbing precast barriers. These barriers are made of panels with a reinforced concrete core and a sound absorbing layer on the face exposed to the source of noise. The material used and the geometry are specifically designed for the project. Ribbed porous concrete or wood concrete will constitute the sound absorbing layer and provide sound reflecting capabilities.

Reinforced Earth have over 150 projects totalling more than 800,000sqm installed noise barriers on road and rail applications.


  • Rail and High Speed Rail
  • Roads
  • Industrial & commercial noise abatement

Product Features

  • Durable – structural panels and absorbing layer interface resilience
  • DLa – From A3 to A5 EN1793 and EN16272
  • DLr – From B2 to B4 EN1794 and EN16727
  • Non combustible
  • Enhanced wind, cyclical and load performance EN14389 and EN16951
  • Easy maintenance
  • Range of sizes from 2m to 6m length and up to 4m high
  • Embodied carbon and LCA undertaken
  • Variety of surface aesthetics, including green/vegetated
Aesthetic finishes
120 year design life
Installed between standard H posts or using other methods
Speed of construction
To A5 and B4 standards