Reinforced Earth is HIGHLY tolerant to DIFFERENTIAL SETTLEMENT, being made up of discrete facing elements with suitable joints between to facilitate movement.

Facings can easily be repaired or replaced if in service damage occurs say from vehicle impact.

Cost Effective

Little or no maintenance costs. Highly economical use of less materials can often REDUCE the LOADS on the foundation soil and reduce the need for expensive piling or ground improvement options.


We’re not restricted to wall finishes, a multitude of facing types are achievable from full height ARCHITECTURAL panels to green slopes or engravings. Talk to us and see what is POSSIBLE.


BRIDGE ABUTMENTS supporting very large loads from the deck. ARCHES with over 20m of fill on top or abnormally high concentrated special loads can be designed for.


HIGH RESISTANCE to static loads, vibrations and earthquakes. Reinforcing strips are POSITIVELY attached to the facing itself.


Our Reinforced Earth solutions have BBA (HAPAS) ACCREDITATION for a design life of 120 years. We aim to assist in construction excellence through CPD TRAINING and qualified installers for our systems. We offer high quality VEHICULAR COPINGS and other PRECAST items to supplement our full solution package.


We have a choice of soil reinforcement dependant on the fill conditions and applications. STEEL for when there are high loads and stiffness is important such as under railway tracks and bridge ABUTMENTS, and GEOSYNTHETIC for the flexibility it can offer with a broad range of backfill specifications and for MARINE environments.


Using LESS NEW MATERIALS with high carbon content such as concrete and steel. Carbon footprint significantly reduced and overall embodied carbon. EPD for T-Wall and GeoStrap


LESS exposure to working at height. LESS vehicular movements than in other techniques such as in- situ walls and abutments.

Speed of Construction

Whether it’s our arch units or walls, by combining precast supply with a SIMPLE backfill technique, construction is RAPID and EASY.

Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA)

We believe in working towards improving QUALITY through EFFICIENCY, our solutions apply precast and factory conditions to improve quality and reduce cost through Offsite manufacture of the finished construction project.

A Community of Experts

The people at Reinforced Earth strive to DESIGN and MAKE the best solutions for each project. Local experience is shared globally and backed up by our internal network of EXPERTS, many of who sit on industry committees, write standards and dissipate knowledge through technical papers.