Bridge Abutments

Reinforced Earth have designed and supplied thousands of bridge abutment solutions. They come in a variety of solutions, all of which offer significant environmental and efficiencies in build and overall life cycle costs.  All of our abutment solutions utilise our panel systems that offer 140mm thick pre-cast solutions, or our wire mesh facing ArmaStone, which minimise the embodied carbon substantially. Using geosynthetic retaining straps further enhances the carbon footprint

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Thin walled, low carbon precast solutions are shown below, further information found here

Almost any surface aesthetic can be applied as shown here



Pure Integral Abutments

Reinforced Earth have built thousands of abutment structures globally. The most economical and environmental solution by a considerable factor is what we term Pure Integral Abutments structures.  It is widely understood that the embodied CO2 in this type of Reinforced Earth structure can be as much as 70% reduced to that of conventional bridge abutments

These structures eliminate the need for large volumes of reinforced concrete abutments and piling and also eliminate bridge bearings, which ensures that lifetime maintenance issues are substantially improved. 

The bank seat sits directly onto the compacted back fill. Bearing pressures under the structure can be further enhanced with lightweight fills. In the UK we have solutions that are over 42m bridge spans.


Semi Integral Abutments

Reinforced Earth have also built many thousands of abutments that are hybrid solutions. These are often with the addition of piles that support the bank seat. The piles are often sleeved within the back fill or in some instances the piles are exposed on the front of the abutment wall. 

These types of structures are called Semi Integral Abutments as there are solutions where bridge bearings can be included or excluded and the bank seat loads are taken through the piles directly.  

The largest multiple span semi integral bridge in the UK is in Forder Valley at 140m span. Complete in 2022, the 32m beams sit directly onto piles in the abutments and no bridge bearings have been used.