Industrial and Protective


Our ammunition storage facilities and blast protection structures have been built worldwide, approved by (amongst others) the U.S. Defense Department.

Oil and Gas

Our structures can be designed to resist fire, earthquake and thermal shock, and contain the accidental flooding of aggressive liquids.

Mining and Quarrying Applications

Designed to be durable and support large loads economically, every Reinforced Earth structure can be taken down easily and the materials recycled after it’s use.

Avalanche Barriers

Many avalanche barriers and splitter walls have been built using our structures in Iceland, to protect the villages and assets from avalanche impact

Protective Structures

Reinforced Earth is often the preferred solution for protective structures, such as blast protection walls, ammunition storage facilities and avalanche barriers as it has a proven ability to absorb high levels of energy and minimise the dispersal of debris.

Lightweight prefabricated components and simple construction using site won materials make our systems ideal for remote locations.

Reinforced Earth is becoming increasing popular as an economic method of mitigating industrial risks from spills, fires and to contain petroleum in safety dykes.