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Reinforced Earth and Costain Roadshow 18th September 2019

Don’t miss the chance to attend a site visit at the A465 Clydach Gorge being constructed by Costain using Reinforced Earth architectural styles panels than span more than 1km. Meeting at Big Pit, there will be chance to see historical and modern construction practices, with presentations and a key note talk from eminent geologist Prof Peter Styles

A6 Manchester Airport Relief Road
Reinforced Earth designed and supplied the materials for 9 bridge structures along the 10km length of new road. In total 2,900 m2 of TerraQuad pre-cast concrete panels with a Garonne finish were provided over a mixture of bridge abutments with wing walls and retaining walls to conventional mass concrete abutments on road, rail and pedestrian bridges. Copings were also designed and supplied on various structures.
Reinforced Earth designs for structures using two types of soil reinforcing strips, high adherence galvanized steel and GeoStrap, a polymeric reinforcing strip. Steel reinforcing strips were used in the design for structures with high concentrated loads and GeoStrap used in the design in areas that are subject to normal loading conditions. The retaining walls were constructed by sub-contractors CT Construction, specialist in Reinforced Earth retaining wall construction.
Longest Reinforced Earth retaining wall in the country!
Designed and supplied by RECo on the A465 Heads of the Valleys Section 2 (Gilwern to Brynmawr), currently being constructed by Costain on behalf of the Welsh Assembly.
The 1.5 km long central reserve retaining wall stretches up the Clydach Gorge valley floor to support the new improved and safer Heads of Valleys road.

The complex site geology meant that different solutions needed to be found along the corridor and to minimize excavation into rock. One solution involved the design of a unique panel system which acts as the facing for the Reinforced Earth system behind.

In October 2018, RECo received accreditation for a general overview of soil and structure engineered solutions and developments.


In March 2018 RECo renewed its metal strip accreditation for Highways Approval HAPAS.


This and accreditation and for Geosynthetic strips is considered an essential requirement by Highways England.