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World Record 5MJ Rockfall Impact

Three years of research subjected to a few seconds of truth

The excitement was palpable at the Montagnole rockfall test site near Lyon, France on June 16.

Three years of collaborative research combining the expertise of Terre Armée and Gustave Eiffel University (formerly IFFSTAR) teams were distilled to a decisive moment of a mere five seconds.

The premise of thesis and the particularly slender rockfall protection bund using the Reinforced Earth® technique would either be shattered or withstand the test.

More than a dozen people stood and watched holding their breaths as the giant 12.4-tonne block was released from the crane at 41 m height with a clicking sound, then hit the structure a few seconds later, at no less than 103 km/h, resulting in an impact of 5.1 megajoules.

They saw all their hard work rewarded by a bund standing solidly; the big block –  taller than an adult – now looking tiny in comparison, firmly embedded in the 15 m x 3 m x 6 m bund.

Terre Armee 2019 Annual Report 
212M Euro Sales

972 Employees

Key Figures:

  • 186,000sqm on the I-66 Interstate
  • Over 100m high shored Reinforced Earth walls in India

Read the report here

BBA / HAPAS Certification for GeoStrap polymeric reinforcement and high adherence version 
 With over 60,000sqm of installed structures in the UK alone, among which is the 32m high tiered retaining wall on the A465 Heads of the Valleys Reinforced Earth continues to develop innovative solutions. High Adherence polymeric straps GeoStrap HA is one of those developments which reduces carbon emissions, use of site won materials and reducing bearing pressures on foundation soils. Our updated and new additions to our certification with the BBA/HAPAS supports our investment in innovation and retains Reinforced Earth’s market leadership. 
Reinforced Earth Company support mining charity
In September Reinforced Earth celebrated their 45th year in South Wales, showcasing their record breaking engineered structural solutions on the Heads of the Valleys A465 project. The day culminated in a presentation by Professor Peter Styles, an eminent geologist and leading authority on many geophysical activities including the UK coal mines. Rather than taking a direct fee, Prof.Styles kindly asked if Reinforced Earth support the Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation (CISWO). CISWO support former coal mining families and communities to reduce disadvantages.

Janine Wallage from CISWO thanked Reinforced Earth and Prof Styles for their generous donation and for sharing his knowledge of the industry.

Reinforced Earth are the market leaders in retaining walls, precast arches, bridge abutments, green walls and noise barriers.

Reinforced Earth and Costain Roadshow 18th September 2019
Don’t miss the chance to attend a site visit at the A465 Clydach Gorge being constructed by Costain using Reinforced Earth architectural styles panels than span more than 1km. Meeting at Big Pit, there will be chance to see historical and modern construction practices, with presentations and a key note talk from eminent geologist Prof Peter Styles
A6 Manchester Airport Relief Road
Reinforced Earth designed and supplied the materials for 9 bridge structures along the 10km length of new road. In total 2,900 m2 of TerraQuad pre-cast concrete panels with a Garonne finish were provided over a mixture of bridge abutments with wing walls and retaining walls to conventional mass concrete abutments on road, rail and pedestrian bridges. Copings were also designed and supplied on various structures.
Reinforced Earth designs for structures using two types of soil reinforcing strips, high adherence galvanized steel and GeoStrap, a polymeric reinforcing strip. Steel reinforcing strips were used in the design for structures with high concentrated loads and GeoStrap used in the design in areas that are subject to normal loading conditions. The retaining walls were constructed by sub-contractors CT Construction, specialist in Reinforced Earth retaining wall construction.
Longest Reinforced Earth retaining wall in the country!
Designed and supplied by RECo on the A465 Heads of the Valleys Section 2 (Gilwern to Brynmawr), currently being constructed by Costain on behalf of the Welsh Assembly.
The 1.5 km long central reserve retaining wall stretches up the Clydach Gorge valley floor to support the new improved and safer Heads of Valleys road.

The complex site geology meant that different solutions needed to be found along the corridor and to minimize excavation into rock. One solution involved the design of a unique panel system which acts as the facing for the Reinforced Earth system behind.

In October 2018, RECo received accreditation for a general overview of soil and structure engineered solutions and developments.


In March 2018 RECo renewed its metal strip accreditation for Highways Approval HAPAS.


This and accreditation and for Geosynthetic strips is considered an essential requirement by Highways England.