Precast Arches  | TechSpan®

With over 1,500 references, 114km in length and 1.8million sqm arch area installed, our twin arch pre-cast system are now available in standard sizes from 8 to 22m spans, but can also be made bespoke to specific projects. Green tunnels, cut and cover, bridges or bridge strengthening are all examples of projects undertaken.

Decades of R&D have ensured the arches are designed to accommodate high fills, heavy live loads and altering load conditions. A quick and efficient installation, the ends can be scalloped and head walls matched with Reinforced Earth panels to suit the application.

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Precast panels | Reinforced Earth®

Pre-cast panels retained with either galvanised steel strips or geo-synthetic straps. The market leader in retaining wall solutions for ramp walls, bridge abutments and retaining walls. Back filled with selective fill, a cost effective and quick installation with any panel finish can be achieved.

In the last 55 years, over 100,000 structures have been built covering 60million square meters.

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Precast and wire faced Terralink® 

TerraLink is a Reinforced Earth solution that is shored onto an existing slope or structure. Suitable where the required footprint at the base is small. A cost efficient, safe and quick installation where any panel finishes can be applied.

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Precast | TechWall

A counterfort precast panel ranging in height from 2 to 18metres. Nearly 700,000 sqm supplied with an average height of panel 7m. Quick and efficient retaining panel system that is stitched into the base, can use site won back-fill and have any surface finish.

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Precast T-Wall

A precast stackable modular retaining wall solution that can be from 0.75 metres high to to over 20 meters. With over 1 million sqm installed, it lends itself as a rapid deployed alternative to gabions and has many applications suited such as housing, industrial road and rail uses.

Easy to install and cost effective, using site won. Can be battered or vertical and have any visual surface effect.

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Mesh Faced – Green or Stone

An alternative to Reinforced Earth, the green wall system can be used for bridge abutments, ramp walls or retaining walls. A flexible system that depending on the situation it can use a mixture of faces or soil reinforcement.


Facing system options   Soil reinforcement options
Premium Galvanized steel mesh, for increased durability GS Geostrips (GeoStrap® EcoStra®)
Standard Black steel mesh GG ArmaGrid® or TerraTextile™
Basic Wrap around, for temporary low cost solutions ST Steel strips
Web ArmaWeb®, for specific applications

The walls can be battered to a 45 degree slope or vertical. Over 325,000 sqm were supplied in 2017 and 2018

A cost effective and efficient product, with a variety of surface finishes from mineral, grassed or matted.

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Bridge Abutments

Reinforced Earth have thousands of bridge abutments. These come in many varieties that maximise the benefits for the designer. These include cost, ease of build, low embodied CO2 and unlimited aesthetics.

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Noise Barriers

Acoustic panels, reinforced precast panels in a variety of sizes from 2 to 5 metre spans. Acoustic ‘wood concrete’ liner ensures acoustic solutions to A3 and A4 noise reduction and in accordance to EN1793-2 B3.

With over 600,000 sqm installed, the cost effective panels can be installed efficiently between simple H posts or using post tension posts. Surface finished to any style and colouring.

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