Precast panels Reinforced Earth®

Reinforced Earth® was the original product that was invented in the early 1960’s. The market leader in its field with over 60 milllion sqm installed over 100,000 structures it has the enviable reputation of setting the benchmark. 

Utilising galvanised steel strips or geo-synthetic straps (GeoStrap® or EcoStrap®) the back-fill can be selective or site won materials according to the specifications required. The precast panels are held in place through the strip resistance with the compacted fill.

A cost effective and efficient solution for bridge abutments, retaining walls and ramp walls. It has uses in many applications including dams, rivers, coastal, housing, industrial, military and airports.


Cost effective

Safe installation working from behind the wall

Carbon efficient, less concrete, site deliveries

Quick installation – 4 gang install c. 30-40sqm/day

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