Precast Arches TechSpan®

TechSpan® is a buried precast concrete arch. It generally consists of half arch units that meet at the crown, supported
by a footing sized for site specific conditions. The backfill around the arch contributes to the resistance of the
entire structure, constraining lateral deflections of the arch under vertical loads (soil-structure interaction). With over 1,500 references, 114km in length and arch area of 1.8million sqm installed.

The span ranges from about 6m to more than 22m. Height ranges from about 30% to 70% of the span. Its funicular curve minimizes the tensile forces in the arch, thus creating an axially compressed structure, leading to increased durability and costs savings. TechSpan® technology results from decades of research and development. The system is designed to accommodate high fills, heavy live loads and altering loading conditions often associated with mining, industrial and
railway applications.  



120 year design life

Speed of construction

Ranges from 6 to 22m span


End configurations to suit


Simple footings


Cast in-situ crown beam




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