TerraDyke™ solutions are primarily developed for protective structures, hydraulic works and dewatering applications.

The combined forces of water and water borne debris require special attention while designing structures in coastal areas and riverine environments. TerraDyke™ is an engineered state-of-the-art technique, customized to fit to each project requirements, that combines the advantages of geosynthetic materials and locally available fill materials. Essential components are geotextile tubes, non-woven geotextiles for filtration, anti-scour apron, anchor tube and site specific protective layers adapted to the local environment.

Geotextile tubes in which hydraulic fill or dredged spoil is pumped constitute the core of the TerraDyke™ technology. They are designed to reach the required geometry after consolidation of the filling materials and to provide strength and stability to the structures. TerraDyke™ structure aprons and anti-scour extensions with their anchor tubes provide the necessary protection against scouring caused by underwater currents.

As for other hydraulic engineering solution for which demanding filtering properties are required, performing non-woven geotextiles are key components of the TerraDyke™ solutions.

Depending on the aggressivity of the environment and on the exposure of the structures, protective layers will range from rolled erosion control products in mild conditions on the land side to hard revetments and rip-rap on the water side. Waterproofing barriers can also be included in TerraDyke™ structures.


TerraDyke™ solutions apply to coastal protection & restoration and river training.

They are well suited to:

  • the construction of dykes, breakwaters and groins.
  • land reclamation
  • shoreline rehabilitation and restoration
  • beach protection and nourishment
  • river bank protection
  • flood mitigation works

TerraDyke™ is also used in environmental applications to contain disposable wastes and unwanted dredged fills, and for dewatering purposes. We offer solutions for containment of dredged wastes.

In complement to the TerraDyke™ tubes, we will supply:

  • TerraTextile™ NW geotextiles for the filtering functions
  • the solutions for the erosion protective layers required to cope with the requirements of the site such as for example TechRevetment™ formed concrete mattresses on the sea side or TerraGreen™ rolled erosion control products on the land side of the structures.
  • TerraLine™ GCL composite membranes to provide waterproofing if required.




Multiple combinations of components allow to use TerraDyke™ solutions for a wide range of situations.

Soft power

Soft power

Although geotextile tubes are inherently made of soft materials, the design of TerraDyke™ solutions make them strong structures to face aggressive environments.



TerraDyke™ geotextile tube solutions have proven to be very durable and design is made to reach long-term service targets.

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