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Soil Structure Engineered Solutions

TerraLink and TechWall

TerraLink and TechWall are complementary technologies to traditional Reinforced Earth. Where Reinforced Earth is particularly useful in situations of creating embankments, TerraLink and TechWall are useful in cuttings.

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The invention in 1963 by a French engineer of a new material using earth as a raw ingredient led, within a few decades, to the development of a company with a presence in five continents.

Through tireless scientific and technical research we brought this technology to the world.

We continue to patent and promote the use of soil structure engineered solutions.

55,000,000 square metres of Reinforced Earth designed and supplied by our company in over 50 countries demonstrates the important contribution we have made to civil engineering.


A string of firsts; first concrete faced Reinforced Earth wall, first Reinforced Earth bridge abutments, first use of Reinforced Earth as a seawall, first dam, reservoir, blast walls, the list goes on.

Investing in R&D is at the forefront of our philosophy whether it’s developing software, advanced materials or new product technologies, with our global presence and connectivity we share knowledge to enhance our services.

Reducing life cycle costs and CO2 emissions are key to our business model, we do this by using innovative techniques which first reduce materials and utilise re-used materials.


Whether it’s designing structures using numerical analysis techniques, making installation on site safer or BIM modelling, we work closely with our project partners throughout the job and beyond.

We have worked with all the major contractors and consultants in the UK and Ireland for Highways, Rail, Local Authorities and Government, with a wealth of knowledge and expertise to access around the globe, you can rely on us to deliver services and materials to the highest standards.