Sustainability has always been at the heart of Reinforced Earth/Terre Armee. Since its inception in the 1960’s, Reinforced Earth’s philosophy to change the way in which traditional methods of construction were done pioneered a whole new approach to designing civil engineered structures.

With nearly 70 million square meters installed worldwide, RECo UK, part of the Terre Armee Group is without doubt the global leader in the field of soil reinforced structural solutions. The environmental benefits have always been clear to RECo and having these assessed and verified, they demonstrate our continued commitment to communicate transparency in our environmental performance. 

Precast Panels                                                        Precast Arches                                                         Precast Copings

Geosynthetic GeoStrap                                          Precast T-Wall                                             High strength GeoGrids

RECo have now secured another 3 verified EPD’s (Environmental Product Declarations) for our low carbon range of solutions. These include:
·        Low Carbon Reinforced Earth precast facing panels at <24 kg CO2/m² (GWP A1-A3), which demonstrate the sustainable nature of Reinforced Earth and its whole environmental life cycle.
·        Low Carbon Precast Arches which can achieve spans of 30m which are used for cut and cover tunnels and environmental overpasses.
·        Low Carbon Precast copings that are designed for use with our Reinforced Earth panel solutions.

A huge thank you to our precast partners Macrete for the research and development of these low carbon concrete mixes for use in our range, demonstrating that both companies are fully committed to transparency and the reduction of carbon emissions.





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