Precast walls and wave barriers to reconstruct and protect Chile’s most important port damaged by earthquakes in 2015

The Port of Valparaíso is Chile’s most important container and passenger port. About 11 million tons of cargo, one million shipping containers, and more than 50,000 passengers pass through it every year. In 2015, Chile was hit by a magnitude 8.3 earthquake which sent powerful waves into the country’s coastal cities, and the port infrastructure of Valparaíso suffered significant damages. Major works are being undertaken to repair the aftermath of the earthquake and to allow for future development of Valparaíso. Tierra Armada Chile S.p.A. fabricated and supplied 248 precast walls to act as wave barriers and 3200 concrete cubes placed in front of the walls for energy dissipation. [pièce jointe “reference.jpg” supprimée par Miriam ITZECK/Freyssinet]

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