Reinforced Earth is committed to its sustainability and environmental pledges. Having always pioneered the use of innovative thin walled low carbon pre-cast products, geosynthetic solutions, recycled backfill materials, enhancing the biodiversity with green slopes and enhancing the natural environments of species with animal crossings.

Our many solutions offer a wide range of CO2 benefits already, for example:

  • Our precast solutions lead the field in offering 140mm precast retaining walls, something many other solutions cannot achieve
  • We can offer a full CO2 impact of our solutions
  • EPD’s are available for some of our key products and more will follow
  • LCA’s for our solutions are available 
  • Through optioneering designs we can often design out cost and significant environmental impact
  • Our fully integral bridge solutions achieve significant reductions in cost and CO2
  • Members of the Civil Engineers Declare Climate & Biodiversity Emergency declaration


So what have we done and are we doing?



Our Pledge

In line with the environmental ambitions of Vinci Group and Soletanche Freyssinet, Reinforced Earth is actively working towards implementing SBTi actions to reduce carbon emissions, optimize the use of resource and preserve natural environments. Our target of 6% CO2 reductions by 2024 are just the start and these will continue to at least 40% CO2 reductions by 2030. 

Our commitments

Low carbon concrete

Our innovation team has worked towards integrating low carbon concrete to manufacture our precast elements, therefore allowing for a direct reduction of carbon emissions and significant reduction of the carbon footprint of our solutions. These will ultimately have cement substitute solutions that are currently being developed with Exegy. 

Recycled materials

Reinforced Earth offers a wide range of steel and geosynthetic reinforcements accommodating for various types of backfills. More generally, our years of engineering experience have allowed us to develop a deep understanding of our structures’ long term behaviour and accommodating for many design options.

Caring for the fauna, the flora and natural resources

For many years, our solutions have been used as part of applications aiming to protect animals, preserve and foster natural environments, and help protect and manage natural resources like water. Our wildlife crossings, green solutions, and water management solutions are perfect examples. 

Infrastructure durability and sustainability

Our engineers pay special attention to durability, making our structures last for decades and allowing for long-term carbon footprint compensation. The inherent characteristics of our solutions make them resilient and resist to the effect of time.