Green Walls GeoTrel® and TerraTrel

GeoTrel is a geo-synthetic retaining strap and galvanised mesh retaining wall structure. Either mineral or green finished the structure can be sloped for embankments, retaining walls or abutments.

TerraTrel is a galvanised steel retaining strip and mesh faced retaining wall structure. Panels are retained using a C bracket system connector to the retaining strips. Sloped for retaining walls, abutments and barriers for avalanche or rock fall protection. Over 325,000 sqm were supplied during 2017 and 2018.



GeoTrel offers a wire mesh faced solution that performs the same as Reinforced Earth pre-cast panel systems. Available as mineral or green finishes the retaining geo-synthetic strap is an ideal system for temporary or permanent walls



Aesthetic finishes


120 year design life


Installed on a well-leveled and compacted fill

Speed of construction

Can be built over existing structures, see TerraLink


Safe use, working from behind the wall


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