TerraLink and TechWall

TERRALINK and TECHWALL are complementary technologies to traditional Reinforced Earth. Where Reinforced Earth is particularly useful in situations of creating embankments, TERRALINK and TECHWALL are useful in CUTTINGS.
The TerraLink technique allows the construction of Reinforced Earth walls in front of existing structures or slopes where there is a narrow space between them by effectively connecting the two structures together. It is an excellent solution where the site constraints prevent construction using other types of retaining wall.

There are two methods of connecting the Reinforced Earth wall to the existing structure or slope to form a shored retaining wall, either a direct connection, or a frictional link which incorporates soil reinforcement attached to the existing structure or slope which then overlap with the reinforcement from the new structure, the overlaps between the reinforcements ensure the frictional connection on both sides of the structure.

Reduced footprint at the base of the structure
Reduced excavation works
Reduced backfill
Speed of construction
Avoiding the need to demolish existing structures
Minimal disruption to traffic flow

TechWall is a precast counterfort retaining wall system engineered to site specific requirements, this enables the most efficient use of materials and reduction in costs. TechWall can be designed using state of the art numerical analysis to produce the thinnest panel sections thereby increasing the surface area which can be delivered, wall units can be supplied up to 12m high.

Thin wall sections reduces the carbon emissions in the manufacture and transport of materials.